Blue Valley Counseling

A place to search for understanding

Blue Valley Counseling

A place to search for understanding

Hello we are BVC

A collective of therapists dedicated to the work of healing and growth. We each have our own unique practices and base our work off of the needs of our clients. When you’re ready to learn more about how therapy can help you, reach out to us.

Warm, holistic, in-depth psychotherapy

We provide counseling for…



Anxiety can show up in many ways; racing thoughts, flutters in your chest, worrying about worst-case scenarios, inability to focus, fear of failing, and so much more. Anxiety can be a constant we don’t even know we’re living with. Not so fun fact: Anxiety often gets misdiagnosed as ADHD which prolongs your ability to get the help you need. At any age, anxiety can be present and prevent you from going to school, test anxiety, performing at work, enjoying your family, or living your day-to-day life. We can help reduce your anxiety so you can live the life you want.


Depression typically manifests in increase in tiredness, inability to focus, irritability, isolation, and much more. It is a slow and painful place where a fog seems to have taken over your life. You are not alone in feeling this way and taking the first step of getting into counseling will help you get out of the darkness. Anxiety and Depression typically go hand and hand which can create the feeling of being trapped in your body with buzzing energy and no motivation to move.

Teens & College-Age Adults

The season of transitioning from childhood to adulthood comes with many exciting and confusing experiences. Graduating and moving on can create anxiety and confusion about who you are, where you came from, and where to go. It is a time when you question who you are and what you want to do with your life. This season comes with identity crisis’ and anxiety/depression. Major life transitions are complex and talking this out can help you process your trauma and organize your thoughts. You’re not alone, this time of life brings so much change, it’s okay if it’s overwhelming. We’re here to help.


Therapy can help you process your past to better understand yourself. It can help you break generational patterns of pain, abuse and neglect. Therapy can help you set boundaries, express your needs, reduce shame about having needs, connect you to your emotions and your body, communicate with your partner, and so much more. If you are struggling to connect in your relationships or you want to know yourself better. Therapy is a safe place for you to explore what gets in the way of being where you want to be in life.

Trauma & EMDR

EMDR is a scientifically based therapeutic technique that works to alleviate distress and allow the processing of emotional disturbances caused by traumatic memories. EMDR uses bi-lateral stimulation (eye movement back and forth) to stimulate both sides of our brain; the right side of the brain where trauma is stored when unprocessed, and the left side of our brain where language and understanding help us to make sense of our experience. By implementing this back-and-forth movement, the client begins to put language to their traumatic experience, alleviating the distress, and leaving room for a newfound sense of safety and peace.


Relationships are complicated and filled with your history of joy and pain. If you are feeling stuck or anxious in your relationship therapy can help couples learn to talk together to understand what the issues are. If there has been a betrayal within your relationship, couples counseling can help you guys heal – whether together or apart, therapy can give you both clarity in what is best for you. 


We work with all kinds of families. Our specalities are teen-parent dynamics and adult child – parental estrangement. Familes are complicated systems and can leave you feeling confused and exhausted. If you’re ready for help to search for harmony and understanding, reach out to us today. 

Here at Blue Valley Counseling

We support those with a sense that the answers are within, those who need guidance to uncover what is there and those who know the cost of staying the same is greater than the cost of changing.

Where to Begin


Decide if you are ready to start therapy. If you are, check out our team page and choose the therapist that seems to be the best fit for you. Email them directely or reach out through the contact page if you want help deciding. 


After emailing a therapist, they will respond within a few days to find a time that works well for both of your schedules. Once that is sorted, they will send you paperwork regarding your symptoms, goals, and reasons for therapy. Your first session will consist of going over some basic boundaries of therapy, your goals, and hearing your story.


Weekly sessions consist of talk therapy. Meaning you will come in and have the space to talk about whatever you want or need to process. Our job is to observe patterns, help you understand yourself better and untangle difficult emotions and situations. It will feel like a conversation where you and your therapist walk along side one another in discovering who you are and how to help you find freedom and connection.   

Our Team

Karli Farnham Jones

 Anxiety, OCD and family conflict.

Shelby Duce

Trauma, PTSD, and women’s issues. 

Samuel Duce

Adolescents, adults, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Rachel Wade

Adults, anxiety, relationship issues, and grief.

Rachel Matlack

Adults, couples and new parents. 

Our Values

Everyone Belongs

We are all in this together and doing it with another person can lighten what you’re carrying.

Understanding Brings Healing

Healing brings change.

Everyone is Worthy of Healing

Regardless of what you are struggling with, you belong in the world and in therapy.

Blue Valley Counseling

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